Welcome to my world of Business Consulting and Life Coaching.  I have been a business owner for 29 year along with many years of lecturing and teaching experience.  I am thrilled to bring to you A New Life and Be Brave in Business coaching programs.

A New Life Coaching program WILL change your life.  I will lead you through a process to challenge and change your mindset and teach you to embrace your life exactly where you are.  You will learn how your past childhood experiences are impacting you today.  We will answer the question; "What is holding you back from reaching your greatest life possible?" We will eliminate negative energy, rid your heart of guilt and shame and teach you to love yourself!  Click on the A NEW LIFE COACHING tab to schedule your free discovery call!  I look forward to planning A New Life with you!

Be Brave in Business is a module based program to address the specific needs of your business.  There are 6 options; Mindset Matter, Cost of Doing Business, Client/Digital Workflow and Time Management, Successful Sales-Setting up a Sales System and Unraveling Brand Building, Marketing and Social Media.  A Discovery Call will be scheduled, so together we can plan the module's that best fits your business needs.  Click on the BUSINESS CONSULTING tab for more information and to schedule your call.

I look forward to serving you!