Thank you for joining me in the Program Suites.

There are five Programs to choose from;

  • Starving Artist NO MORE - Sales and Pricing Strategy
  • Knowledge is POWER - Understanding Your Cost of Doing Business
  • Get Out Of Your Own Way - Mindset, Discover What Is Holding Your Back In Your Life
  • Get In The Flow - Creating System's For Your Business
  • Make A Lasting Statement - Branding and Defining Your Target Client

Each of the modules here are personal one on one weekly meetings.  The content of the course will be customized for your personal and business needs.  Before a Program begins, we will have an extensive Discovery Phone Call to make sure we are a good fit to work together.  Once that is determined, we will begin laying out what your needs are and create the Program to best suits your needs.  We will also schedule your weekly classes.

Then the awesome life and business changing journey begins!  You MUST be prepared to follow and trust the process.  Your Mindset needs to be focused on success, change and the future you have always dreamed of.  This is a commitment!  There will be times of frustration, overcoming fear and insecurities, but a beautiful future awaits you!

I am SO excited to start this passionate journey with you!


Pamela Jean