What is your GOAL BEHIND your GOAL?
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Tuesday, February 12, 2019
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I know you are tired of hearing about 2019 goals, it’s the middle of February for crying out loud.  Don’t we have this down already?  Honestly most people do not.  Most people have really good intentions of creating a new list of goals for a new year, but once April hits, they can barely remember what they even wrote down.  The importance of goals and reaching them has a direct hand in how richly fulfilled your life will be.  If you want a life of mediocrity, the keep doing nothing or keep doing what you are doing.  But if you want to life an EXTRAORDINARY life, you have to be willing to EXTRAORDINARY things to get there.


Every goal you have written down has a bigger power a bigger reason if you will.  There is more to each and every goal than meets the eye, it is very important to dig deep into your heart and mind to define the “goal BEHIND your goal”.


Let’s say number one on your list is I want to be debt free in 2019.  That is a great goal and one everyone should be striving for.  But the bigger question that we are going to delve into is WHY.  WHY do you want to be debt free?   The answer seems simple and obvious I know, but let’s take an in depth look at a few answers to the WHY.


“By living debt free I will have a freedom to do things I could never do while owing money.”

“The stress level in my life regarding money would be eliminated.  I would not have the daily concern and worry over the next bill that is due, ultimately a better quality of life”

“I would love to give $10,000 (BE SPECIFIC) to my favorite charity and take my family on a special trip each year.”

“I will be more relaxed, experience less anxiety and overall will be a happier more content person.”

“My relationship with my family and friends will thrive.  I will be able to be 100% present when spending time with the people I love most with less stress taking over my mind.”


Here is another example:

I want my business to grow in 2019.  That is a great goal, and most business owners desire yearly growth, but WHY?  Why do you want your business to grow?  What is the purpose for the growth?  If the purpose for growth is simply for the money then you are missing the big picture. 

“I want my business to grow, so I can retire by the time I am 60.” 

“I want my business to grow so I can take my family on a trip to Europe.”

“I want my business to grow so I can create jobs for 100 more people.”

“I want my business to grow so I can increase my donation to my charity of choice.”

“I want my business to grow so I can leave a financial legacy to my children and grandchildren.”


I hope you understand the importance of nailing down the “goal BEHIND your goal”.  A deep seeded purpose and process is imperative for living an EXTRAORDINARY life.  Defining the deeper meaning of your goals will make them more clear and specific.  If you would like my GOAL PYRAMID form emailed to you, click on the BUTTON below and I will get one sent out to you.

Here is how it works; Write your goal at the very top of the document, start at the bottom of the pyramid and begin with step one of how you are going to reach this particular goal.  As you create your journey to your goal, keep adding filling in the steps.  This is a great visual, will keep you accountable and help your see a clear path to reaching your goal.

Shoot me an email if you would like to have a deeper conversation regarding defining your goals real purpose.  I would love to help you create "A New Life".  Click on the BUTTON below to send a direct email to me.  I look forward to serving you!

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