Taking NO Like a Three Year Old
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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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The title of this week’s blog makes me giggle.  I have recently returned from spending 10 days with my three year old Grandson and four month old Granddaughter.  If you happen to be a Grandparent, you know how my heart has exploded with love for these two incredible little humans and also the void that is left behind after leaving them 800 plus miles away.  They bring a spirit to life that has been forgotten from when my children were that age.  Perhaps that is because when you are in the trenches of motherhood you don’t see the determination of a three year old as fascinating, lol frustrating might be more accurate.  What I learned from my Grandson was that in his mind “NO” really doesn’t mean “NO” at all.  In fact it was mind blowing how many ways a three year old can ask for Valentine’s Day candy all within 10 minutes!  Incredible how quickly his mind was working on the next verbal snare to trap me in to give in to his request.  The word “NO” meant absolutely nothing to him.  Why?  Why didn’t he care how many times he heard the answer?  Why didn’t “NO” deter him on his relentless quest?


This has really gotten me thinking.  When did the word no, become something many adults deeply fear in business and in life?  When did the word no get tied to rejection?  How does this two letter, tiny word have so much power and impact on our daily lives?


Somewhere on our journey to adulthood, we are conditioned to fear no, and in business and life this can be debilitating and definitely keep us from advancing forward.   If you can dive into why you have the fear of rejection, you will learn how to handle “No’s” in a more positive light.   Most often, the fear of rejection (or fear in general) stems from a childhood condition and experiences.  When we were children things happened TO us to put us in a state of fear and we carry those emotions and mindset into our adult life.


How can we get past the fear of “NO” in our daily lives and mostly past what is holding us back from living our best life?  Let’s learn to love that feisty little word NO!

Don’t worry about a potential client turning you down and telling you no.  Think of it as “no” right now, not a forever “no”.  You don’t know their circumstances! Perhaps they just found out about an unexpected expense, or they had a fight with their spouse, or the children are being jerks, or they are having insecurities about themselves.  DO NOT make a “NO” about you!  It’s not personal!  A potential client did not tell you no because of you, the "NO" is because of them and something happening in their life at a given moment.  You should really thank the person for telling you no, it is an incredible learning opportunity!


Here are a few points to ask yourself these questions;

How can you pitch your product differently?

Did you explain your product properly?

Did that client truly fit my client and product profile?

Have I created enough desire for my product?


When it comes to your reaching your goals "no" is not an answer.  The word "no" doesn’t mean you stop progressing forward. NO means you change your course, take a left turn where you once thought you were going straight.  No is not a stop sign, think of it as a yield sign.  A place where you slow down take a look at where you have come from and make an adjustment to get where you are going.  No gives you the opportunity to take stock and change the course properly to reach your goals.  Maybe it’s time you Take NO Like a Three Year Old.

So if you find yourself in a place where you fear the word no and want to visit about how paralyzing this is for you, click the LET's CHAT link below and I will contact you to set up a time to visit.  I look forward to serving you!

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