A New Life

A 16-week intensive for women who have experienced the trama of divorce and are starting over in life. Discover how to begin a new life, how to find peace within yourself, how to live empowered and independently, and ultimately how to reignite your dreams and live your life guilt and shame free.




Starting Over…

is scary and intimidating.   Learn how to rediscover yourself.  Learn how to reignite your dreams and hopes for your life.  Break free from all the fears that are holding yourself back from living the life you were destined for.  

So far you have…

endured the unbearable, had to compromise and sacrifice your own needs, you are longing for a fulfilling life, but you are getting stuck and struggle to move forward. You are forced to reinvent yourself as a single woman, holding onto past dreams unable let go, you are stuck in fear, doubt, guilt and shame.  You must learn how to feel alive again!

 So, you have 3 choices right now…

  1. You can get angry, feel sorry for yourself and ignore what you know is true. You can convince yourself that no one understands what you feel and how difficult it is to start over.
  2. You can allow fear and insecurities to control your choices, that would be the “easy” way.  You can stay in a shelter of your hell and live the rest of your life with a dark cloud over you.

Ultimately both of these decisions come with a price:

give up on any idea of happiness, freedom of self, a purpose-filled life, and allow the death of your soul.


  1. You can embrace your life right where it is.  Embrace the fact that you are set apart for a purpose! You are tempered for transformation with the A New Life coaching program.  You will be empowered to reach the ultimate goal of everlasting liberty.  Your unique beauty and inner-strength will free you from the prison of your past choices.



Beautiful and Courageous Friend,

My name is Pamela Jean, and I want you to know you are not alone and I have the utmost love and respect for you reaching out to experience a radical change, which has brought you to me.  A New Life coaching program, will be judgment and criticism free.  You have nothing to fear, the pages of your future are waiting to be written.  I want to serve as your confidant and friend to release you from your past and help you unleash your dream life.

I Am Not Just….

a Life Empowerment Coach, unfortunately like you I have walked in your shoes.  I truly understand the feeling of loneliness and insecurity of being divorced in your late 40’s.  I was 48, divorced, unemployed, an empty nester and living in a rental house.  For 16 years, I was married and suffered emotional and verbal abuse.  I am also a survivor of childhood molestation, anorexia and alcoholism.  My past experiences have made it very difficult for me to have clarity on what I TRULY deserved in my life. After years of being stuck in emotional bondage, I finally broke free to live the life that I was destined to live all along. Now, I’m here to remind you that you are not alone, you can do this too, and I understand how desperate and depressed you must feel. But this is just the beginning, friend.

My Past Has a Purpose….

and so does yours! I overcame and so will you. It has taken me many years to wrap my head around the past experiences that have defined me as an adult. I have spent years going to counselors to deal with alcoholism, molestation, anorexia and co-dependency. A river of tears has been shed in the process.  BUT, the most beautiful lesson I have learned is that my past does not define me, and by embracing every hard-learned lesson I’ve been able to blossom into a Life Empowerment Coach ready to hold your hand and be by your side as you heal on your journey. Together, we will overcome your obstacles, and let go of the victim mentality.  BE A VICTIM NO MORE!


do I want to help you? I wish that years ago someone would have offered me a new direction.  I wish I hadn’t let so much of my life pass with the internal struggles and emotional strife I have gone through.  I wish I had felt even half of the empowerment and confidence that I feel today.  I think of the years of struggle and self-loathing, so much time wasted and so much lost. It is not necessary to live another day like you have been living.  It is the perfect time for ”A New Life” to be the change in your life that you need and deserve.

My GOAL for you my friend…

is to coach and mentor you on how to get back on your feet, embrace where you are in your life today, empower yourself, gain confidence, fulfill your dreams, live the life you were meant to live, and understand the purpose of your past. I will hold your hand on the journey to become the best version of yourself, love life and enjoy every moment. I’ll be here teaching you how to pick your battles and win your wars while equipping you with the confidence to love yourself!  Trust me this is all possible, all you have to do is believe in yourself and let me show you the way.  WE can do this together!

  • YES – you can live A New Life to its fullest!
  • YES – you can transform to love and respect yourself!
  • YES - you can live empowered and without fear
  • YES – you can live co-dependent NO MORE!

For us to work together, you will need to have:

  • The desire and willingness to change your mindset
  • The openness to be teachable, to trust the process
  • Courage to let go of the victim mentality
  • The soul-craving feeling to want to become a survivor
  • Ability to let your guard down and reveal yourself
  • Bravery to trust yourself and listen to your heart
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable so we can work out the issues together

 You and I both know you can do this!

Don’t let your insecurities and current situation overshadow

YOUR future…

Grab hold of this opportunity, and stop suffering, it is truly time for A New Life Coaching Program! Let me help you free yourself and live the life you were meant to live!




A New Life

is a 16-week intensive for women who have experienced a divorce and are starting over in mid-life.

In just 16 weeks with me you will:

  • Challenge and change your mindset
  • Learn to embrace exactly where you are in your life
  • Understand how your past is influencing your thought pattern
  • Learn how to get out of your own way to succeed in life
  • Figure out what is holding you back
  • Eliminate the negative influences in your life
  • Re-discover and define your dreams
  • Set attainable goals and reach them
  • Become self-motivated and focused on your transformation
  • Learn to take responsibility for your decisions
  • Rid yourself of guilt and shame

A New Life  

provides you with weekly VIP 1 on 1 coaching sessions 50 minutes long over the 16 week period, you will have my undivided attention to get real, lasting results.

A welcome packet that includes a road map of our journey together 

You will have my full email support

Workbooks will be available with the online membership site.  The workbook will keep you on target and will serve as a guide to success.

You will be added to my private Facebook group and online membership site

Lifetime access to life-changing resource materials

Access to my personal mindset reading list

3 reviews to make sure you are staying on track

Accountability, care and support – in a safe non-judgmental safe environment

On completion of the A New Life Program, you will be able to join my Graduate Facebook Support Group for further connection, support, accountability, love and community support.




Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Taking Inventory of Your Life

Your Past has a Purpose

Everlasting Liberty

Learning to Live

  • What is your Heaven & hell
  • Embrace Where You Are
  • Facing Fear
  • Achieving Balance
  • Taking inventory
  • What is holding you back
  • Get out of your own way
  • Co-dependent no more
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Eliminating Negativity
  • Get Rid of Guilt & Shame
  • Career Matters
  • Setting Goals
  • Define Your Dreams
  • Journaling
  • Let It GO!

This program is only going to be transformational IF you are open minded and 100% trust the process, are willing to do the hard work, be vulnerable and desire change and freedom.


is an exclusive 1 on 1 coaching program with limited availability, because of the format of the program, I cannot work with everyone, clients are pre-qualified and accepted in the order in which they are received.  I want to make sure I am able to give you my undivided attention. Click on the link below to book a discovery call with me.

Claim your spot NOW if you are seriously committed to A New Life.  This is YOUR time to shine; life-changing days are ahead for you!  Get out of your own way, and live the life you were meant to live!


If you have any further questions feel free to contact me at